4 features you should consider when buying a telescope

A telescope can be a wonderful gift for your child or your loved one. It’s something that fascinates many people. The eagerness of knowing what’s in the outer space makes people motivated to buy a telescope. There are many types of the telescope on the market. How to choose the right telescope depends on a number of factors. These are discussed below.


Aperture is one of the most important features of a telescope you should consider before buying. It is the diameter of the lens that gathers light. Ideally, you should go for 2.8 inches, that is, 70 mm aperture or more. If you have a larger aperture then you will be able to see more distant objects in the sky.


The magnification of the telescope should be 50 times the aperture. So, you need a 12-inch magnification. Even if the magnification is great, you will still need a clear sky to observe the stars and other objects in space.


Many people ignore the importance of a mount. However, a good mount is vital for observing the objects in the sky. The mount supports the telescope so that it remains steady. There are mounts that can be moved from left to right and up and down as well. There are some mounts that have motors so that you can just click a button to view things around the sky.

Type of telescope

There are many types of telescopes. The refractor has the lens on the front. Though it requires less maintenance, if you buy a telescope with high aperture then it can cost you more. The reflectors are the least expensive telescopes. The optical alignment needs to be adjusted from time to time. Compound telescopes are a combination of the two lenses.

With a telescope, you will be able to explore the universe. It’s an amazing experience. You should consider these features before buying a telescope. A good telescope will last for a long time.

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