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Hey I am in senior college (15yrsold) and am looking into profession choices for the future I know it is early but I genuinely just want to look into it.
So here are my inquiries-
What diverse fields are there in astronomy?
What are the ideal degrees etc for it?
What is the average wage?
and any other exciting things?
thanks 🙂
I am a girl (some of you have mentioned me and my wife) and I am on track for ten A* and 1 A in GCSEs

Answer by orpheus_sword
There is a lot right here, and the bottom line is this. If funds is critical to you (and I do not mean to insult you if it is), but if that’s what you want of your life, then you *Must NOT* go into astronomy.

That stated, can you make a decent wage? Yes.

1. What diverse fields are there?

That is a hard question. YOu could study cosmology, stars, planets, galaxies, but is that what you meant? If not, then there is actually only two jobs in astronomy: teacher (usually college professor) or scientist (normally at a government lab and often controlling, sustaining, or servicing a telescope).

two. Very best degree?

A Ph.D. You can get a massive way with a Master’s, but you’ll swiftly hit a “glass ceiling”.

3. Typical wage?

Very challenging, simply because it depends on the degree. If you happen to be a college professor, then you will commence out about $ 70,000 per 9 months and prime out about $ 110,000 per 9 months. A government scientist will be about the same, but for 12 months. If you only have a Master’s, then you’re porbably about $ 50,000 per 12 months and not eligible for a Professorship (note, you could do a neighborhood college, but the rate will nonetheless be about 50,000 per 12 months, possibly as significantly as 70,000 for 12 months).

4. Any other fascinating items?

Yeah, lots. You’d be an astronomer! How cool is that? You’re life will have simple issues and difficult issues. It will vary from extremely stressful (when grants are due) to quite relaxed.

Very good luck!

Answer by Zubair Yacob
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Answer by eri
1. There are many fields of astronomy (solar, planetary, stellar, galactic, extragalactic, cosmology) and subfields in there, many methods of approaching the subject (observational, computational, theoretical, experimental) and techniques of dividing up those fields (radio, submilimeter, infrared, visible, ultraviolet, x-ray, gamma rays, gravitational waves).

2. You’ll need a PhD in astronomy, astrophysics, or physics. Main in physics in college, take classes in astronomy, math, and computer science, and then apply to grad schools soon after that. It really is eight-12 years of college and most jobs also expect two-six a lot more years of postdoc perform (quick research appointments soon after your PhD prior to obtaining a ‘real’ job). Spend your college summers performing study at your college or other folks to discover out if you in fact want to do study for a living, considering that that’s most of the jobs.

3. The salary for a postdoc is among 30k and 60k a year. That’s 2-6 years right after college. Most men and women want to perform at a college or university the beginning salary for a new physics professor with a PhD in a single of those fields is about 55k. Some folks make much more than that beginning a lot of make significantly less. NASA and national labs pay far more, but those jobs are harder to get and most people don’t want them as considerably for many motives.

There are not a ton of jobs in the field you need to be prepared to take what you can get and much more quite a lot anyplace to do it. If you love what you happen to be undertaking, you are going to be satisfied with the job and the funds you make, but there are a lot easier methods to make money and be happy.

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