Astronomy Yahoo News

Astronomy Yahoo News

Yahoo news is presently running a story that % of astronomy grads are unemployed. Pls clarify the meaning of this stat: does it imply that there are very couple of grads? or that numerous job offers are out there? Are these jobs in the private sector or public sector? what sort of jobs are these? thx

Answer by Kowalski
The story says that all astronomy grads, according to the Georgetown Center on Education and the Workforce, are employed.

I did not notice them saying exactly where they are employed.
Largely at some unrelated company like a waiter in a restaurant.

Answer by aladdinwa
It doesn’t necessarily mean they are employed as astronomers.

Answer by permeative pedagogy
For any individual interested the story can be located here:

As the other two answerers stated, that doesn’t necessarily imply that they are employed as astronomers, BUT I do not believe a lot of of them are employed as waiters. The fields of astronomy and astrophysics are wonderful to go into since they have a fairly great job safety. As soon as you are done with undergraduate, most folks go on to graduate college. For most majors that demands paying far more funds, but for astrophysicists, they get paid to go to graduate college. Not several subjects outside of science will pay their students to get larger degrees. So that implies anyone in graduate college counts as employed. And in this economic climate, the safest bet is to go to graduate college. I am certain that is exactly where a excellent majority of the astrophysicists are. Aside from that, the necessity for astronomers is on the rise. Demand for astrophysicists is anticipated to enhance 16% more than the next decade.

And apart from that, one doesn’t graduate with an astrophysics degree without having being quite effectively rounded and intelligent. Even with a degree in astrophysics, such a person will have a wide range of talent sets producing them employable in many other fields.

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