Astronomy X-Ray

Astronomy X-Ray

1. What are the principal / fascinating makes use of of X-rays
two. How and why are X-rays used?

Answer by The Lazy Astronomer
We detect xrays eminating from astronomical bodies such as black holes, active galactic nuclei and neutron stars.

Answer by ronwizfr
X-rays are emitted by *hot* matter, say objets with temperatures greater than 50,000 K. Such objects contain active galaxy nuclei, binary star method where one companion spills matter on the other, infalling matter around black holes, neutron stars, the hottest stars, the Sun’s corona, supernovae remnants and white dwarfs.

Observing their X-ray emission for that reason offers us data about such objects.

> How and why are X-rays employed?

The main dilemma is that X-rays don’t penetrate really far in the Earth’s atmospere. The observe X-ray sources the detectors have to be mounted on balloons and satellites.

Astronomy X-Ray

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