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I have an assignment
read the write-up:

I have to use the details in this report to calculate and determine the gravitational wave power developed by this binary white dwarf technique, in watts.

Please Aid…
I also have to calculate how long their orbit will last ahead of they merge.

Answer by xanzibar
I guess 1 approach would be to calculate thir reduce in gravitational possible energy -GMm/r as time goes on and then assume that all the power goes into gravitational waves.

based on what I see on the wikipedia page it would be (.25*mass of our sun/2feet)*G per day

=eight.92E19 Joules/day
=1.03 x 10^15 Watts

As for the second element it says they are acquiring closer by 2 feet per day so how about time=distance/speed

time =335,946 years

Answer by arslan
The equation for calculation gravitational wave energy is:
E= (-32/five) x (G^four/C^5) x (Mm)^2 x (M+m)/r^five

G is newtons continual, 6.673 x ten^-11
C is the speed of light, 299,792,458 m/s
M and m is the mass of the stars (each estimated to be .five solar masses = 9.9446 × 10^29 kg)
r is the distance among them, (.0005 AU = 74,799,000 meters)

(G^4/C^5) = eight.18805941 × ten^-84
(Mm)^two x (M+m)/r^5 = eight.30783061 × ten^110

E= (-32/five) x (8.18805941 × ten^-84) x (eight.30783061 × ten^110)
E= -4.35360068 × ten^28 Watts

NOTE: the negative sign signifies thats how a lot energy the technique emits
How xanzibar calculated the lifetime of the orbit prior to the merger is not correct simply because as the white dwarfs get closer, the worth of the 2 feet per day reduce will change. The stars will not usually get closer by two feet per day, this value will not be constant, it will modify as the stars get closer and the orbital speed gets a lot more rapidly.

Lifetime of an orbit is given by:

Lifetime= (5/256) x (C^five/G^three) x r^four/(Mm)(M+m)

(C^five/G^3) = 8.14967219 × ten^72
r^four/(Mm)(M+m) = 1.59144346 × 10^-59

Lifetime= (five/256) x (eight.14967219 × ten^72) x (1.59144346 × 10^-59)
Lifetime= two.53315283 × ten^12 seconds = 80,272.48 years

Astronomy X
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