Astronomy Vs Astrology News

whats the diverse between the 3? Explain please

Answer by Joel O
Hahahahahahahaha sorry funny so many men and women confuse these items, okay so Astronomy is space,planets, stars, and FACTUAL SCIENTIFIC Information! Astrology however is primarily based on producing factors up to be blantly sincere… its when you use a star sign i.e libra to make predictions about a particular person. An Astronaut is an individual who goes into space on expeditions in spacecraft for example Neil Armstrong the relation is to the astronomer and not to astrology. Make sense?

Answer by Lain Irakawa
Astronomy is the study of commence, planets, and other things in space.

Astrology is the art of vague bullshit that utilizes references to astronomical objects to part fools from their money.

Astronauts are individuals who travel into space.

Answer by Satan Claws
The 1st 1 (astronomy) is a science.

The second a single (astrology) is pretending to be a science.

The third (astronout) a single doesn’t exist do not just take my word for it, grab a dictionary and appear it up.

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