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Astronomy Universities

i’m undertaking my GCSE’s proper now but soon i’ll have to begin thinking about universities. i want to do astronomy so:
1. what qualifications do i want apart from physics and maths
2. which are the greatest universities to go to for astronomy in the uk

i was pondering about Glamorgan but does any person know the ideal locations and/or have any guidance?

Answer by Jtcgh
If you are asking about A-levels, Further Maths would be helpful in addition to Maths and Physics.

Cambridge, Edinburgh, Durham, Sussex, Cardiff, Manchester and Nottingham have all got really powerful Astronomy/Astrophysics groups.

Also, I would advise a Physics course which covers Astronomy, rather than a pure Astronomy degree, as fewer universities supply those, and a more effectively-rounded degree is valuable for acquiring into study later on.

Answer by Neutrinoghost
I did my astrophysics BSc and MSc at Hertfordshire in Hatfield. Would very suggest it, quite great Uni, and most of my class mates who did PhDs are now operating at the VLT in Chilie.

Astronomy Universities

Astronomy Universities

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