Astronomy Uiuc

Astronomy Uiuc

can any individual suggest me a really excellent book on astronomy which is reasonably priced.

Answer by Robert David M
Do not know how detailed you want it.

The German author Rudolf Kippenhahn has written many, in English, which are approachable on many levels.
Other than his operate, you are looking at employed textbooks or telescope use manuals/
Thankfully, books on astronomyare aimed at numerous levels of knowledge, from absolute newbie suggestions to those that challenge the thoughts.
Verify a utilized book shop or e-bay 1st why go into debt just to locate a single excellent book?

Kippenhahn’s books are the ideal–not straightforward by effectively-written and the ideal.

Answer by Bones
any book by timmothy ferris will be fantastic. some of my favorites are “the entire shebang” “seeing in the dark” “coming of age in the milkyway” there are alot of books out there. if you go to a book retailer just go to their astronomy section and you need to find something to your liking. good luck!!!!!!!!

Answer by Wedge
The Dorling Kindersley Boon ‘Universe’ Is excellent.

I have it appropriate next to me, and It has more than 500 pages (larger than A4 size) of great data, and has thousands of high good quality photographs.

Regardless of whether you want to know about the space race, planets, Galaxies, nebulars, the big bang, telescopes, clusters, astrophotography, comets and nearly anything else, it is there.

The only (quite) tiny downside, is that it is really huge, and heavy, also the sky maps are not truly red light friendly.

But if you want an excellently written book, this 1 is for you.

Astronomy Uiuc

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