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which dominated significantly of the planet for the duration of the middle age?

Answer by Some Dude
There’s a lot of contributions that islamic individuals produced, just google it and you are going to locate a handful.

Answer by ZeroByte
Nicely, the names of a lot of stars are derived from their Arabic names. (Betelgeuse is an anglicised version of a misinterpretation of the original Arabic name which I overlook.)

You could say that in an indirect way, they made a enormous contribution by giving us algebra. Surely Newton could not have produced his equations without having algebra – in truth, algebra alone was not adequate, so Newton invented Calculus. (You have to use algebra in calculus, though, so the contribution is nonetheless there) We call it algebra simply because it was described in the book of Al’Jabar. (I believe)

Answer by Raymond
names of stars.

Algebra (actually, in Arabic, “relation”): it is the relation in between values (invented by a Persian astronomer — what the Bible referred to as a Magi).

Arab astronomers also maintained the Almagest, the Arabic version of Ptolemy’s compendium of all astronomical and mathematical knowledge (originally carried out in Greek). All other copies of Ptolemy’s function had considering that been lost. It is by means of the Arabic version that we had been capable to retrieve lots of the astronomical understanding of the classical Greek and Egyptian astronomers, along with the trigonometry of Hipparchus.

Astronomy Terms

Astronomy Terms

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