Astronomy Questions For Kids

1. Hydrogen nuclei fuse helium nuclei in what portion of the sun
A) Corona
B) chromosphere
C) Core——- i feel it really is this
D) photosphere

2. A 10 yr. old person produces ten,000 occasions a lot more energy per kilogram than does the sun
A) Accurate
B) False

3. Sunspots, aurorae, and the solar wind are all tied to the sun’s ………… cycle? (what cycle)

four. Every high power flare that erupts on the sun will have a damaging effect on earth
A) Correct
B) False

5. The sun and the solar program have been formed from a swirling cloud of…… and ……. (fill in the blanks) I feel it’s dust and gas

Any support is tremendously appreciated! Thanks

Answer by Morningfoxnorth
(1) Yes, nuclei fuse in the core
(two) With out operating the numbers, it appears reasonable to me, that a kid produces considerably far more heat PER KILOGRAM than the sun. The sun is so hot only due to the fact it is so Large.

(3) Normally its named the sunspot cycle, also the Wolfe cycle.
(4) False. (Adverse according to who?)
(5) dust and gas (or: gas and dust)

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