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Would I even have a very good view from right here? I am willing to drive about an hour out and hoping to have some good scenery for pictures. Also, would it be worth it going on the 10th? That is when it will be closest to earth, but it will be its brightest on the 12th and 13th.

Answer by Scott-7
You need to absolutely attempt your ideal to see it.

Here’s a tip. Have you ever been capable to see Orions belt? If you can see it with binoculars or even your un aided eye. Than you must absolutely be able to see PanStarrs. It really is magnitude has recently been measured at +2. five to about +1. Orions belt has a magnitude of +1.five. So Panstarr is undoubtedly visible.

Also I checked. The best location to be during Panstarrs flight is between Texas and Ontario, Canada among March 10th and March 30th. So us in Chicago. We’re ideal! X-D

Here’s a magnitude guide –>
and the brightness of Orions belt. –> ones/constellation/orionstars.asp

Here’s Panstarrs current magnitude –> (Naked eye object CONFIRMED in Argentina, South America) 🙂

Here’s news about Panstarrs path by means of the sky. –> and and

Panstarr apparently had a +1 or +2 Magnitude in the southern hemisphere. Individuals could see it aided and unaided, take photographs and photos are gradually pouring in allover the net. Some men and women claim it could reach Adverse magnitude! If it does F**K YEAH!!!

Panstarr News under.

Everything you need to know: Comet PANSTARRS in April 2013

The Night Sky This Month
Yaaay! 🙂

Here’s everything I’ve gathered.
1. Go out precisely one hour before sunset.
two. Stay in that location for the next two hours.(one hour before and after sunset)
3. Appear towards the Southwest.(your left)
four. Keep at least ten miles outdoors of concentrated cities.
five. Hopefully get a very good image and post everywhere online.
6. Verify for cloud situations. Also make certain to look for sunrise and sunset occasions(Extremely essential)
7. Make confident there are no vibrant lights near you.
8. March 7th/8th and March 14th are going to be really very good days to see it.(so far)
9. Hopefully it will be great. X-D

Excellent luck dude. 🙂

Astronomy News For Kids

Astronomy News For Kids

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