Astronomy Metallica

Answer by gingusxconn
It is about being gay, and becoming a homo band. LOL!!!

Answer by spawness
actually, the song is NOT Metallica’s. it was originally carried out by a band referred to as Blue Oyster Cult (and Metallica’s version is WAY greater).

Answer by yourownsilenthill
Blue Oyster Cult is a single of the greatest rock bands ever. Also quite intelligent and “progressive”, they are identified for putting sentences and words from vocabularies, dictionaries and books together to generate abstract lyrics – which I uncover actually amazing. “Astronomy” is a single of rheit greatest songs and also 1 of these songs that the lyrics are produced in that abstract psychedelic way, so do not search for a meaning, but for photos and feelings it creates. Metallica had the honour to cover it, thank gods that occasionally Metallica have some clever suggestions. (St.Anger was NOT a clever thought by the way, but that is irrelevant). They did not faq the song, it was an OK cover. :isten to the original in live versions, it’s even far better than the studio 🙂

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