Astronomy Math

Astronomy Math

The physics division at my university enables for an astronomy minor. I am not really fond of math, linear algebra, calculus, differential equations and so forth. But I enjoy studying about the universe and what not.

Does college level astronomy demand a lot of math?

Answer by Nyx
The 1st year stuff should moderately simple. Soon after that, it just about all math – for the subsequent couple of years.

Answer by George
Yes, astronomy does involve math. Astronomy is not just about seeking at celestial objects – a lot of astronomy does involve math, and occasionally hardcore math.

However, do not let this crush your dreams. I hated and was not excellent at math at college, nonetheless, many years right after I left college I began to get pleasure from it, and grow to be quite good at math.

Even even though my job is not associated to astronomy or math I still get pleasure from astronomy and math as a hobby.

Answer by Alienembryo
I asking yourself ,How did you get into college. No matter what you do in life calls for some sort of math…I don’t know about this stuff….but I’d have to say…Why ask a question like that when you currently know the answer.

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