Astronomy Math

Astronomy Math

ive been wanting to take up astronomy in college. Does this course is all about math/science?

Answer by Belle
Yes it does

Answer by Semtex
I would count on it does. You can get pleasure from amateur astronomy with out ever doing any maths but I’d expect that an astronomy course will involve very a bit of it, specifically if you take it to degree level. Your college will be capable to tell you what level of maths is expected from applicants to this course. You could take extra maths classes if needed, several colleges will enable you to do these for the duration of your breaks, following the finish of the regular day or at night college.

Answer by Paul
specialist astronomy entails a lot of maths – it’s a branch of mathematics and physics.

amateur astronomy demands no particular maths, you can appear at an object through a telescope and sketch it or photograph it without the require for any fancy maths.

Astronomy Math

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