Astronomy Jobs

Astronomy Jobs
Astronomy Jobs

I know I want to do astronomy as a job, but what exactly are the jobs you can do with that?
Is there even a job I could do?

Answer by Ashley Jeanne
The fundamental astronomy job is to do astronomy, or to teach astronomy (or both). If you want to see what jobs there are, go to or astronomy .com or by Astronomy magazine.

Answer by eri
There aren’t a lot of jobs in the astronomy field if you don’t have a PhD in the topic. You can get a lot of other jobs with a degree in astronomy (or better yet a degree in physics, which would give you a lot much more job alternatives and in fact be better for applying for grad college in astronomy than just an astronomy degree) but not many in astronomy itself. With no a PhD, you could teach high school or community college (with a masters) and operate as a information analyst or analysis assistant for national labs or NASA. With a PhD, you could function for colleges and universities, national labs and observatories, and NASA.

Answer by Karl
Numerous astronomer for various kinds of telescopes, Research, there are alot, but you have to smoke all your classes.

Astronomy Jobs

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