Astronomy Is The Study Of

Astronomy Is The Study Of
Astronomy Is The Study Of

Hey there! My purpose is to grow to be an astrophysicist so I have a couple of concerns for all of you astronomy specialists out there.

1)how frequently ought to I study astronomy compared to physics?

2) what are the major math subjects I need to have to know?

3) Do you have any guidelines?

Answer by cosmo
There is no require to study astronomy at all at the undergraduate level. The crucial issues to find out are math, personal computer science, and physics.

Answer by Prometheus
Yes, I have a tip… study my book, it will tell you everything you require to know about astrophysics, cosmology, and physics…. ‘A NEW Kind OF Power ITS DESCRIPTION ITS GENERATION AND ITS APPLICATIONS’ (Amazon).

Answer by chanljkk
There is a ratio as study hour/units of credit.
Lifelong study of astronomy is recommended.
It is a lifelong philosophy.

Astronomy Is The Study Of

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