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Astronomy Equations

I truly want to adjust my key to astronomy, but the only point that is stopping me is the math. Im not great at math and i dont enjoy it. However i was wondering if there was something else i could do in astronomy? Perhaps an assistant to a astronomer? Does any person know?

Answer by physicsdude2014
There are other factors you can do with a degree like that, but they are all going to have a lot of math. My astronomy system needed me to take calc 3, differential equations 1 & 2, and a handful of other folks.

Answer by eri
You’d need a PhD in astronomy to get a job as an astronomer, and if you wanted to go to grad school in astronomy, you need to be majoring in physics. With a bachelors in astronomy, you could teach high school, perhaps get a job at a museum, or perhaps get a job as a study assistant. I know a handful of folks who have jobs as research assistants, but they are challenging to locate due to the fact it really is more affordable to employ a grad student to do the identical perform. Your ideal bet would be to get a job with NASA, a big lab, or an observatory. These jobs are few and far in between, so you’d have to be wiling to move.

Astronomy is a subfield of physics, so yes, it is going to demand a lot of math – at least calculus I and II, possibly linear algebra and differential equations.

Answer by Liverpool Asbah
An astronaut or a janitor working for astronomers

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