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Astronomy Colleges

Alright, I’m in the ninth grade, and I want to grow to be an astronomer. I am in Algebra 2 and Biology (you cannot take Physics in freshman year).

1. What high school courses are very good for getting an astronomer? I can take Physics next year, but right after that, what ought to I be taking?

2. What college provides the best teachings for astronomy?

Is Birmingham good?

Answer by eri
1st of all, keep in thoughts that if you want to be an astronomer, you are going to require a PhD (doctorate) – there genuinely aren’t any jobs in astronomy if you don’t have one particular. And to get your doctorate in astronomy (from graduate college) you really need to have to key in physics as an undergrad (very first 4 years of college). Astronomy, math, and personal computer science courses are excellent as well, but physics is essential for obtaining into graduate college in astronomy. Just in case no one particular had told you that but.

1. Math, science, English, pc science if achievable. Physics is a lot of math, so taking Algebra II now is a excellent sign. Maintain taking the advanced classes – if you can take calculus ahead of you get to college, then you can jump proper into the calculus-primarily based physics courses and not waste a year catching up. Biology, chemistry, and physics – physics is the most essential, of course, but chemistry and biology are really quite valuable as well. English – you need to be capable to create clearly and communicate nicely. Astronomers want to write journal articles and grants, as effectively as function with collaborators. And computer science will come in beneficial as you courses get far more advanced, especially by graduate school – the language you discover is not as important as learning one particular in the very first location. C is great if that’s an alternative.

2. I’m assuming you’re in England? The schools in England that are good in astronomy (that I know of, at least) are Cambridge, Oxford, University College London, and Liverpool. Check out the physics and astronomy at Birmingham and compare it to Liverpool and UCL to get an notion. Great schools in the US include Harvard, Berkeley, CalTech, Stanford, Columbia, Princeton, Yale, Cornell, UT Austin, U Arizona, U Hawaii, U Michigan, U Wisconsin, U Chicago, UC Santa Cruz, UC Santa Barbara, UCLA, U Washington, U Virginia, Ohio State, Clemson, UMass Amherst, and Arizona State, just to name a couple of.

Astronomy Colleges

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