Astronomy Clothing

as several factors as possible

maybe beneath following dot points

telescope 400 years ago
– stories (myths and legends)
– Calendars/ time —tides, fishing, greatest times to grow crops

-understanding the world
-stars navigation Gps, etc
– writing, sci-fi”: creative eg. Aliens
– engineering—going to the moon
– colonising other planets
– space stations

how have the above imapacted??

please answer asap!! anything you can feel of

:DDD thankyou

Answer by Austin C
All good techniques that astronomy has impacted our every day lives, but I think you have left out an important a single. The technology developed for astronomical has been developed towards improbing our normal items. One such issue would be the improvement of advanced synthetic fibers. What originated as something for the astronaut suits and material for space gear became the most employed clothing material right now. For that reason the descovery of astronomy has significantly impacted our everyday lives in many diverse techniques.

Answer by lindajune
I feel you imply the improvement of astronomy. Astronomy wasn’t discovered (to discover some thing means to discover anything that was often there – astronomy is a science, it is not a factor to locate).

In ancient occasions, astronomy was component of the job of the priests in a lot of cultures (to predict eclipses, declare the start off of a season or a year or the moon phase, and so on.).

The telescope helped destroy the thought that the Earth was the centre of the universe. Heliocentrism was the first open door to humans and their understanding of the universe, its formation, and our spot in it.

The stars have been sources of wonder and stories, as well as getting employed as approaches to navigate (particularly on the open sea).
The full moon was often the only light accessible to men and women that necessary to defend their animals from predators.

There is a lot a lot more, but I do not really feel like typing anymore – if you just consider you can come up with all types of examples.

Answer by Nyx
Astronomy has aided in the development of several areas –
Time and Calenders

At least that what I came up with in a handful of seconds

Astronomy Clothing

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