Astronomy Big Bang Theory

Astronomy Big Bang Theory
Astronomy Big Bang Theory

Large Bang===>Bermuda Triangle

Answer by Understanding Seeker
Scientific American had a genuinely excellent post known as “Misconceptions of the Big Bang” in the March 2005 situation.

The article is also long to plagarize here. Try reading it.

They also had an additional write-up which talks about “The Myth of the Starting of Time”.

Answer by BUBBLE
Huge Bang theory

In astronomy, a theory according to which the universe began billions of years ago in a single event, comparable to an explosion. There is proof for the Large Bang theory in the observed red shift of distant galaxies, which indicates that they are moving away from the Earth, in the existence of cosmic microwave background, and from other information. The Huge Bang theory of the origin of the universe is accepted by most astronomers today.

Scientists have recently found that the expansion of the universe is actually speeding up. This effect is attributed to the presence of dark energy.

Astronomy Big Bang Theory

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