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I am the vice pres of my school’s astro club. we dont hav significantly sources (only a telescope). I wanna publicize my club in the college and make it a lot more lively. Can u plz tell me som good activities that i must organize to do so….

Answer by Genius Teenager
research some cool cosmic events(a visible planet,perhaps) that your location could see,and organize a star-watch based about that.

Answer by almintaka
“Star parties”.

Take your scope outside with a group of men and women and show them about the night sky a bit. People who have never ever looked via even a tiny telescope are normally amazed by what they see.

Invite students and their parents. If you make them family events, you are going to have less trouble acquiring permission to have them.

Also, get a single of these 6-cell beam flashlights. It can be used as a pointer works as properly as a laser in a planetarium.

Contact Sky and Telescope magazine and ask them for guidance or, go to their web site and appear about for get in touch with information and help on setting up such parties. You could locate that an observatory, planetarium, or college near you is already holding such events. You can attend those, bring your own telescope with you, and choose up a couple of pointers on how to organize your personal celebration.

Here’s the S & T net internet site:

Appear in the “Neighborhood” section.

Excellent luck!


ADDED LATER: “Genius Teenager” has a good idea. In addition to holding ad-hoc star parties, you can center them about one thing happening in your region, such as a Lunar Eclipse, conjunction, opposition (Mars is nevertheless good proper now) etc. Meteor showers are a bit chancy, since only the more several swarms are worth looking at by the casual observor anything like the Leonids are what they expect showers to appear like, not like the Geminids exactly where you are counting only two or three events per hour.

Anyway, you get the notion. Say, what sort of scope do you have? Newtonians and Dobsonians provide handy observing for people who otherwise would have problems bending more than to peer into a refractor’s eyepiece. i.e., you have to hold ergonomics in mind when you organize your activities.

Speaking of sore backs, I’ve got to head for the sack! Let us all know how you make out by posting an additional query on the subject or something.

Good luck again!

Answer by tonyma90
you missed it though, but about a few months ago there was a star cluster right in our view, maybe you can plan a stargaze evening or some thing and set out to uncover planets, or get a meteor shower night and watch there, its hard to wake up early but the view makes up for it

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