4 ways moon’s phases can affect your health

Don’t be surprised if someone tells you that your health is affected by moon’s phases. Researchers have actually done a lot of research about it and some of their outcomes were positive. Here are some ways the different phases of the moon can affect your health.


A research conducted in 2013 by some Swiss scientists found out how moon cycle influences sleep pattern. An experiment conducted on 33 people on a sleep lab proved that during full moon their sleep pattern was affected. They sleep less than the other days and the quality of sleep was also poor.

More people go into labor pain

It is often said that during a full moon the number of childbirth increases. However, this concept is not yet proven. Researchers have conducted a five-year study previous to find a link between childbirth and labor pain, but the result was inconclusive.

Gives more seizure

Patients suffering from epilepsy are likely to have a seizure during a full moon. A Brazillian study found that 70% of deaths due to seizure occurred during a full moon. A British study, on the other hand, found out that the seizure activities in epileptic decreases during a full moon. So, the result is actually inconclusive.

Kidney functions

A research has found out that during full moon pain due to kidney stone increases. More patients with kidney emergencies also get admitted to the hospital. Another study has found out that during new moon these patients experience a calming effect. As kidney consists of 60% water the way lunar activities affect tides in the ocean, it can also affect organs containing water like a kidney.

Studies are still going on to find out a definite connection between the moon’s phases and human health. The results of the studies already conducted are not very strong. Further experiments are needed to confirm a connection between the moon and our health.

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